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heightec MATRIX – Specialist Access/Rigging, Quick Connect

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MATRIX harness can be used for rigging. It has ergonomically designed shoulder, waist and leg pads for greater comfort.

Waist section is articulated for maximum freedom of movement and comfort when not suspended. When the user is suspended from the waist D-ring, the leg loops lift into a sitting position. When not suspended, the waist attachment moves downwards allowing the user to stand up straight. Alloy karabiner connects to a loop behind waist D-ring. Hook free gate prevents snagging and reduces potential webbing damage.

Ergonomically contoured pads are shaped and formed for comfort. 3D inserts provide support where it is needed but allow movement in essential areas.

SafeLock™ quick connect leg, waist and chest buckles make fitting fast and easy, allowing the harness to be removed without the need for readjustment.

Integral delta screwlink simplifies attachment and use of chest ascenders. Screwlink can be removed if not required.

Side D-rings allow work positioning attachments and fold away discreetly when not required.

Lightweight, durable gear loops with 20 kg rated load and 7:1 factor of safety. Accessories and tool bags can also be attached directly around the waist belt webbing.

Complies with Siemens PPE requirements PRO-13838 Ap1.

Sizes available:

  • H21Q MATRIX quick connect – Torso 65 – 90 cm. Thigh 60 – 80 cm. Waist 70 – 140 cm
  • H21QL MATRIX quick connect large – Torso 80 – 105 cm. Thigh 60 – 100 cm. Waist 85 – 165 cm
  • harness size: large | regular